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Motion Attracts the Eyes Sign Doll Details Our eyes are attracted to things that are in motion. This is likely a holdover from the days during our evolution when we had to hunt to survive, and we often had to use our fight or flight response to sudden dangers from predators. Because of these things, we grew to be attracted to any movement in the corner of our vision.

Oddly enough, this is one of those strange facts about human behavior that can be applied to the world of business and advertising. How can you use the natural attraction of the eye to motion to benefit your business? Moving Signs There are many moving signs available, including inflatable wind dancers and animated screens. Some people even pay an employee a wage to stand around holding a sign. If they’re lucky they’ll get a talented spinner who actually does draw people’s eyes to the sign. The best way to have a moving sign is by using sign dolls. They are similar to the sign spinner employees but they are superior in a lot of ways.

The Element of Doubt

When you consider that our eyes are drawn to motion because our evolving ancestors had to learn to quickly learn whether something was a threat or a possible food source while out hunting, you’ll understand why sign dolls are the perfect moving sign for your business. When our eyes are instinctively drawn to a movement, it is paired with the instinctive question: “What is that?” If you use a sign spinner employee, or an electronic sign, the question “what is that?” is quickly answered by the possible customer and their interest ends then and there. If you are using sign dolls and the motion grabs their eye, when they automatically ask themselves “what is that?” they won’t be able to tell right away.

For a few seconds, they’ll look to see if it’s a real person, a mannequin or a robot. In those few seconds, you got them! As they’re brain puzzled for a moment to decide what they were looking at, that doubt was the attention that you needed because instead of dismissing it as just a sign spinner or image on a screen, they had to look longer. They had to read your sign, they had to turn around and check it out. That is what makes sign dolls the best way to take advantage of this instinctive reaction, and why it has worked well for so many businesses at bringing in tons of new customers.    

Sign Dolls

Unlimited Potential For Business With A Sign Doll Sign Waving Mannequin

Marketing can often be very tricky and the costs to advertise your business can really begin to add up fast. Signs can be very eye catching and are a great way to help your business stand out from the competition. Spinning signs allow you to get many different marketing messages out to customers with ease. However, paying an employee to manually spin a sign is a thing of the past.

Now innovation and technology have combined to create effective sign dolls that are specifically designed to make your advertising needs simplified. A motorized sign waving mannequin has all of the ability to attract new customers, but allows for unlimited marketing potential.

Why Choose Any Other Marketing Option? Advertising in your city is all about making a big splash. A sign doll allows you to cut your costs and still advertise in a way that allows customers to know about your business. With a robot doing the job of an employee, you can take your business to the future and earn a big payoff. You might not know it, but a sign spinning mannequin is the marketing option that will allow for the most success. Easy Setup Many business owners in your city are worried that a sign waving robot will only bring complications to the advertising side of business operations. However, the opposite is actually true.

A sign doll will enable you to save thousands of dollars on hourly costs, insurance and all the many fees that come along with hiring an actual employee to be a manual sign spinner. Now you only have to make one easy purchase and can be on your way to getting the advertising campaign for your business rolling. The best part is that setting up your sign robot couldn’t be any easier. You only have to dedicate a measly 15 minutes to setting up your sign doll and you can begin advertising your business in your city immediately. Works Whenever You Need You have the power to control when the advertising mannequin is working for your business. This means that you create the hours and there are no restrictions to the time periods that your sign waving mannequin can work for you. Whenever you want your business to be advertised, you can have your robot working to promote your business in the most effective and appealing way possible.

Advertising Done Your Way With Sign Dolls

There are some things that go along with having a business that you just simply can’t avoid. One of the most important business operations deals with advertising. The only way that your business will reach its full potential, is if you make sure that customers in the area are aware of your products or services. This means that marketing and advertising have to be done to get the word out about your business. When you are looking to make larger profits, you have to be aware of ways to minimize your marketing costs. An advertising mannequin is the most effective way to cut back your advertising costs and allow for the profits to flow in. You Need A Sign A sign spinner is an advertising ploy that really works, but the catch is that you do not need a real employee to do this marketing job. A sign waving robot will do just the trick for a lot less cost, which will only make your City business more lucrative. Turning a profit is all about looking for new and more cost effective ways to get the job that you need done. A sign doll will get your advertising seen by all for a lot less of a cost. Now you do not need to pay someone to simply hold a sign for your business. A mannequin can do that task for a much more affordable price. Looks Great The beat part of having a motorized sign waving mannequin to promote your business, is that it looks great. A mannequin looks very similar to a person and many passer byers will not even notice the difference. These mannequin are available in many different options depending on the look that you desire much. This means that your sign waving robot can be customized to have the appearance that suits your business best. You can choose from different wig options and clothing apparel choices to create the advertising tool that represents your business best. Act Now These sign dolls are really catching on quickly and more and more business owners are choosing to promote their products and services using this method. You should act now and purchase your very own advertising mannequin today to stay ahead of the current marketing trends. This is not an advertising tool of the future, because it is available now.

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