Sign Waving Mannequins Are A Revolutionary and Affordable Way To Advertise Your Business While Sky-Rocketing Sales!

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These Mannequins Have All The Benefits of Human Sign Spinners – Without All The Hassles of One!

Sign Waving Mannequins are a new and innovative way to compete in today’s economy. They’re eye-catching and help you stand out from the competition. They’re more effective than normal arrow signs and cost a significantly less than hiring an average sign waver.

How Soon Will A Sign Waving Mannequin Pay For Itself?

Ordering a Sign Doll Sign Waving Mannequin is a one-time payment of $797.

When factoring costs of insurance, taxes, benefits, etc.. a sign spinner making just $8/hour would only work for 9 days if you paid him $797 up front.

So here’s a question for you..

Would you rather pay a sign spinner $797 for 9 days, or order a Sign Waving Mannequin from our site for $797 which will last for years to come?

These Sign Waving Mannequins will even out-perform human sign spinners by attracting even more attention and generating even more revenue for your business.

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We Combine the Standard Idea of Using a Sign to Advertise with Brand New Technology

  • Have sign waving mannequin spinning your message at all times – Day or Night!
  • The Sign Doll gives you 100% control over how often and how long you advertise (with no added costs)
  • No insurance costs
  • Don’t deal with late employees… EVER
  • Don’t pay thousands upon thousands of dollars a month for an employee to hold a sign up for you
  • Don’t deal with lazy employees
  • No workers compensation
  • Get a Custom Sign for your business (we can even use your own graphics!)
  • No Breaks
Sign Waving Mannequin

Buy a Sign Waving Mannequin today!

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Increase Foot Traffic into Your Business Today!

This sign waving mannequin is the perfect way to advertise your business effectively without paying a steep price.

Order a Sign Doll today and take your business to the next level.

Boost Your Foot Traffic with a Sign Doll!

Whether you call it a sign waver, robotic sign spinner, sign waving robot, sign twirler, robotic waver, mechanical sign waver, or a sign-waving mannequin, it should all boil down to one thing: Does it get you noticed?
Our Sign Dolls will not only capture the gaze of potential customers driving or walking by, but do so in an highly efficient, alluring, and budget-friendly way.

Human sign spinner employees may start with the enthusiasm you would expect to be paying for, but the truth is that their stamina will only go decrease from there as the day wears on. Not everyone has the unwavering energy to hold up a large sign for hours on end without getting tired. Why throw away your hard-earned dollars on an employee who will give anything less than 100% all the time?
Whether your sign waving needs involve a costume or not, the bottom line is that you want the final product to look good. Our Sign Dolls all come with the same beautiful face and will look good in any outfit you line up for them. Can you say the same of your current human sign spinner?

What does it cost for a beautiful girl to stand in front of your business for 10 hours a day waving your sign with the same level of enthusiasm as she had when you opened? The one time price of a Sign Doll!

Clients from all over the country have praised their Sign Doll as a game-changer for their business by dramatically boosting their foot-traffic and making them the most popular business on the block. Some have even become local celebrities with names!

Not only will your Sign Doll be the best employee you ever had, but it will also be the best decision you ever made for your wallet.