Sign Waving Mannequins Are A Revolutionary and Affordable Way To Advertise Your Business While Sky-Rocketing Sales!

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These Mannequins Have All The Benefits of Human Sign Spinners – Without All The Hassles of One!

Sign Waving Mannequins are a new and innovative way to compete in today’s economy. They’re eye-catching and help you stand out from the competition. They’re more effective than normal arrow signs and cost a significantly less than hiring an average sign waver.

How Soon Will A Sign Waving Mannequin Pay For Itself?

Ordering a Sign Doll Sign Waving Mannequin is a one-time payment of $797.

When factoring costs of insurance, taxes, benefits, etc.. a sign spinner making just $8/hour would only work for 9 days if you paid him $797 up front.

So here’s a question for you..

Would you rather pay a sign spinner $797 for 9 days, or order a Sign Waving Mannequin from our site for $797 which will last for years to come?

These Sign Waving Mannequins will even out-perform human sign spinners by attracting even more attention and generating even more revenue for your business.

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Sign Waving Mannequin Details and Specs

We Combine the Standard Idea of Using a Sign to Advertise with Brand New Technology

  • Have sign waving mannequin spinning your message at all times - Day or Night!
  • The Sign Doll gives you 100% control over how often and how long you advertise (with no added costs)
  • No insurance costs
  • Don’t deal with late employees… EVER
  • Don’t pay thousands upon thousands of dollars a month for an employee to hold a sign up for you
  • Don’t deal with lazy employees
  • No workers compensation
  • Get a Custom Sign for your business (we can even use your own graphics!)
  • No Breaks
Sign Waving Mannequin

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Increase Foot Traffic into Your Business Today!

This sign waving mannequin is the perfect way to advertise your business effectively without paying a steep price.

Order a Sign Doll today and take your business to the next level.